Puzzle Subscription Box!

Monthly and Quarterly 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle subscriptions for you, family, or friends!

How Does Puzzle Subscription Box Work?

  • Choose Your Subscription Plan

    Select how often you'll get a unique 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle sent to you or a friend with our Monthly or Quarterly subscription options

  • Anticipate Your Monthly or Quarterly Surprise

    Our puzzle experts curate and send you a unique surprise 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle either every month or every 3 months, featuring awe-inspiring images, vibrant colors, and intricate designs

  • Unbox, Assemble & Enjoy

    Sit back and relax as your mind and fingertips come together to bring the jigsaw masterpiece to life. Then you can share your completed puzzle on social media using #PuzzleSubscriptionBox!

Puzzle Subscription Box - Turquoise Bay Escape 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle

Puzzles from past months!

  • New Puzzle Every Time

  • 1000 Pieces of fun

  • Pause or Cancel Subscription Any Time


  • "I absolutely love Puzzle Subscription Box!

    Every month is a new adventure, and I'm always excited to see what's inside!"

    - Amy, California

  • "I gave a Puzzle Subscription Box to my elderly father

    He eagerly awaits each month's delivery and thoroughly enjoys piecing the puzzle together. It's been a heartwarming activity that he cherishes!"

    - Lisa, Florida

  • "Puzzle Subscription Box has turned into a family tradition for us

    We can't wait to gather around the table and start piecing together our monthly surprise."

    - Mike, Ohio

About Us


Our names are Grace and Michael and we run Puzzle Subscription Box together. Our exclusive Puzzle Subscription Box jigsaw puzzles are designed by Grace and overseen by our dog, Littlefoot.

In a world increasingly dominated by screens and social media, we discovered the joy of connecting with each other through the timeless art of puzzle-solving.

After work, we try turn off our phones, set aside digital distractions, and dive into the intricate world of jigsaw puzzles.

Our mission? To bring people together, away from the hustle of technology, and into a space of creativity, tranquility, and shared accomplishment.

Happy puzzling!