How Does Puzzle Subscription Box Work?

  • Choose Your Subscription Plan

    Select how often you'll get a unique 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle sent to you or a friend with our Monthly or Quarterly subscription options

  • Anticipate Your Monthly or Quarterly Surprise

    Our puzzle experts curate and send you a unique suprise 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle either every month or every 3 months, featuring awe-inspiring images, vibrant colors, and intricate designs

  • Unbox, Assemble & Enjoy

    Sit back and relax as your mind and fingertips come together to bring the jigsaw masterpiece to life. Then you can share your completed puzzle on social media using #PuzzleSubscriptionBox!

Puzzles from past months!

  • New Puzzle Every Time

  • 1000 Pieces of fun

  • Pause or Cancel Subscription Any Time


  • "I absolutely love Puzzle Subscription Box!

    Every month is a new adventure, and I'm always excited to see what's inside!"

    - Amy, California

  • "I gave a Puzzle Subscription Box to my elderly father

    He eagerly awaits each month's delivery and thoroughly enjoys piecing the puzzle together. It's been a heartwarming activity that he cherishes!"

    - Lisa, Florida

  • "Puzzle Subscription Box has turned into a family tradition for us

    We can't wait to gather around the table and start piecing together our monthly surprise."

    - Mike, Ohio