The Great Puzzle Enthusiasts: Famous Figures and their Love for Jigsaw Puzzles

The Great Puzzle Enthusiasts: Famous Figures and their Love for Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles have a universal appeal that transcends age, occupation, and status. They captivate us with their simplicity, challenge, and satisfaction of completion. It's no surprise then that many well-known figures, including leaders and celebrities, have expressed their fondness for these engaging diversions. Let's explore some famous individuals who were (or still are) fans of jigsaw puzzles.


  • Hugh Jackman:  The acclaimed actor known for his roles in "The Greatest Showman" and "Wolverine" in the X-Men series, is a self-confessed puzzle fan. Jackman has often shared his love for puzzles, even posting his completed works on his social media platforms.


Queen Elizabeth - Queen With Puzzle, 1967 by David Montgomery
  • Queen Elizabeth II:  Britain's reigning monarch is reported to be a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast. During her annual holiday at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, Her Majesty is said to have enjoyed working on large jigsaw puzzles.







  • Bill Gates:  The Microsoft co-founder and billionaire philanthropist is known to have a fondness for puzzles of all types, including jigsaw puzzles. He is said to take jigsaw puzzles with him on all of his vacations. In fact, his love for problem-solving of all sorts has been well documented.
  • Patrick Stewart:  The "Star Trek" and "X-Men" actor has admitted to enjoying jigsaw puzzles as a way of relaxing and passing time, particularly during the filming of his various roles.
  • Stephen King:  The renowned horror and suspense author is said to enjoy jigsaw puzzles as a way to relax and unwind.


These individuals, excelling in diverse fields, all share a common love for jigsaw puzzles. This love underscores the universal appeal of puzzles - as tools for relaxation, as brain workouts, and as simple, quiet joy amid life's complexity.

And who knows? With our monthly jigsaw puzzle subscription service, you may find yourself joining these famous puzzle enthusiasts in their hobby. Whether you are a seasoned puzzler or just beginning your journey into the world of jigsaw puzzles, remember: each piece, each small accomplishment, is a step towards the bigger picture - much like life itself.

Happy puzzling!

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